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What should I pay attention to when CNC machining aluminum alloy?

First of all, it is crucial to choose the right CNC machining equipment and tools. The correct milling tool and tool holder will affect the smoothness and accuracy of the machined surface, and the quality of the surface finish may affect the life and appearance of the final part. In addition, minimizing the number of milling tools can also be effective in improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Second, accurate part clamping is also important. Use high-quality clamping equipment to ensure that parts can be firmly clamped in the correct position and inclination to avoid unnecessary errors and waste caused by parts shifting or rotating during machining. Also, a balanced clamping solution will reduce mechanical wear and tool changes.

Third, proper cutting parameters and the use of cutting tools are also very critical. The cutting parameters should be set according to the hardness and characteristics of the aluminum alloy, such as milling speed, feed rate, and other parameter values. In addition, cutting oil can be used to reduce cutting temperature, reduce cutting force and cracking, and risk, and improve surface quality.

Finally, maintaining the machine in good condition is something that needs regular attention. Regular inspection and maintenance of the machine, cleaning of the table and track, and regular replacement of the lubricant inside the machine can effectively extend the life of the machine and reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs.

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