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Precision Machining Industry

 1. The Characteristics Of Precision Machining Industry

Compared with ordinary machinery manufacturing, precision machinery manufacturing has high technical content (design and production), sophisticated processing equipment, high added value, and small batch differentiation in sales. At present, the main precision machinery manufacturers exist in western developed countries and some developing countries and regions with a higher level of economic development. In China, with the upgrading of the industry, the demand for precision machinery will be more and more large, so the development of precision machinery industry has a great space.

2. Sales Business Of Precision Machining Industry

The sales service of precision machining industry is to receive orders. Products show small batch differentiation, even if it is the same model of equipment, between orders, even the same order of goods are not the same, there will be differences in parts selection.

Planning business of precision machining industry

Due to the sales characteristics of precision machinery, material requirements are mainly calculated according to sales orders. There are many parts, and the work of material planning is heavy, which needs to be carried out by software. The R & D and design department of precision machining industry is a very important functional department, which will use materials in the process of R & D. In the process of making material demand plan, it is necessary to increase material demand by means of virtual production order.

In order to achieve high quality processing and manufacturing under the condition of precision machining industry, not only need advanced production equipment and other hardware equipment, but also need to design and implement scientific and reasonable production technology according to the product characteristics of components and customer demand, balance the processing quality, product delivery and cost control and other constraints that affect each other. Realize the optimal combination of production resources such as equipment, tools and personnel; At the same time, in order to ensure the effective implementation of the production process, the manufacturer also needs to establish a perfect quality control system, equipped with a highly disciplined production team.

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