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What is CNC Milling & CNC Drilling?

    CNC milling and CNC drilling are very important tools in modern manufacturing. Both of these technologies use computer technology to automate CNC finishing. They can help manufacturers reduce the error rate in the machining process and increase productivity. Let's take a look at the principles and uses of CNC milling and CNC drilling. CNC milling: CNC milling is a high-precision CNC machining process that guides the machine tool through computer programming for precise machining processing, allowing a piece of work to be cut at any angle. CNC milling, on the other hand, is controlled by a computer and utilizes many modern technologies, such as measurement and sensor technology, which allows the milling process to be more precise and efficient. CNC milling machines are generally equipped with automatic tool changers that allow seamless tool changes for multiple operations such as boring, tapping, cutting, grooving, etc. CNC milling machines have a wide range of use and are suitable for processing parts of various cutting materials, shapes, and sizes.

    CNC Drilling: CNC drilling is a highly efficient CNC drilling process that uses computer programming to automate the processing work of the drilling machine. CNC drilling machine is a high-precision tool whose main applications are in the manufacture of complex parts, such as aviation, automotive, electronics, machinery, and instruments. Its cutting process relies on an automatically controlled drill for precise drilling and machining. CNC drilling machines are commonly used for hole processing of carbide, tungsten steel, high-speed steel, common steel, and other materials, and can complete the processing of multiple parts in a batch and efficiently. 

    In short, CNC milling and CNC drilling are modern CNC machining processes with high precision, high efficiency, and good repeatability. They play an important role in the modern manufacturing industry and can help manufacturers to improve productivity and reduce costs in the machining process.
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