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CNC Processing Technology

Numerical control machining technology refers to a process method of machining parts on numerical control machine tools. Numerical control machine tool processing and traditional machine tool processing procedures are consistent on the whole, but there have been obvious changes. Numerical control machining technology is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts variety, small batch, complex shape and high precision, and to realize high efficiency and automation.

1. The Importance Of CNC Machining Process Design

The design of CNC machining process of custom precision parts must be completed before the programming work, only after the process plan is determined, the programming basis. The design of CNC machining technology is the preparatory work for NC machining of workpiece.

2. The Main Content Of CNC Machining Technology

Select and determine the parts and content of AI CNC machining; Analyze the process of CNC machining of parts drawings; CNC machining process design; Mathematical processing of parts drawings; Write processing program list; Make control media according to the program list; Check and modify the program; Trial processing of the first piece and on-site problem handling; Finalize and archive NC machining process documents.

3. Preparation For CNC Machining Process Design

In the selection, it can be considered in the following order:

1). The content that cannot be processed by universal machine tools shall be the preferred content

2). The contents that are difficult to process and guarantee the quality of universal machine tools should be selected as the key contents

3). The content of low processing efficiency of general machine tools and high labor intensity of manual operation of workers can be selected on the basis of the rich ability of CNC machine tools.

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