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Industrial Applications of CNC Machining Services

From cars, airplanes, household machines, and appliances to medical components and toys, CNC machining is required at some stage of the production process. Computer numerical control or CNC machining services have become more ubiquitous than ever before. The number of axes has increased, and the types of machines now available mean that CNC machining is used to manufacture smaller and more complex parts. The development of CNC machining services has truly revolutionized the manufacturing industry, especially with the advent of AI CNC machining.

Although large manufacturing machines are not cheap, there are also smaller and more affordable variants. Similar to the home 3D printers that have shrunk in size and cost, the CNC industry has seen a similar trend. The reduction in size has led to broader applications. But before we digress and talk about CNC machines and 3D printing, let's take a look at the industries that use CNC machining services.

Metal removal applications of CNC machining services

CNC machining services are widely used in industries that require metal removal. These machines remove excess metal from raw materials to create complex parts. A good example is the automotive industry, where gears, axles, and other complex parts are carved out of raw materials. CNC machines are also used in the manufacturing industry for jobs involving rectangles, squares, circles, and even threads. These machines can control and execute all the processes, including milling, grinding, turning, boring, and drilling, using a specific machine for each task.

Metal fabrication industry of CNC machining services

Many industries require thin sheets for different purposes. These industries use CNC machining services for many fabrication operations to create these sheets. These include plasma or flame cutting, laser cutting, shearing, OEM sheet metal bending, and welding. CNC plasma or laser cutting machines are used to shape metal, while CNC turret punches are used for operations such as punching holes. CNC press brakes perform other operations with very high precision, including bending metal sheets.

Electrical discharge machining applications of CNC machining services

Electrical discharge machines or EDM produce sparks to remove metal from raw materials and burn off excess metal. CNC automation parts are used for electrical discharge machining in two ways—the first is through wire cutting, and the second is through vertical EDM. The manufacturing industry uses CNC automated wire-cutting machines to punch and mold combinations to create die combinations. CNC automated vertical EDM requires electrodes that match the size and shape of the cavity to be engraved.

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