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CNC Machining Solutions

The solution consists of three levels: whether the machine tool purchased can do the job and bring economic benefits; The quality, reliability, precision and life of machine tools; Operation and use after purchase, personnel technical training, maintenance, etc. To put it bluntly, it is the combination of man, machine and man-machine.

1. CNC Machining Solution Level 1 - People

First of all, understand that the type and configuration of CNC machining that you are going to buy are determined by people. The key question is whether human decision making is reasonable and effective. The following is the solution.

(1) Make clear the product types, specifications, precision and production quantity requirements of the production and processing center.

(2) The situation of the site, this is often not easy to attract attention. Choose the right machine tool for your site to avoid trouble.

(3) The positioning of CNC machining center in the processing and production link of the company should be clear. In the general metal cutting and machining enterprises, CNC machining center often occupies a very important position, so in the actual production, other equipment should be around the processing center to run. Of course, different enterprises have different requirements, which requires a holistic judgment.

2. CNC Machining Solution Level 2 - Machine

A reliable processing center plays a huge role, bring benefits are very obvious, which has high requirements for the quality of machine tools.

3. CNC Machining Solution Level 3 - Combination of People And Machine

CNC machining center to buy back, operation is often an important issue, so in man-machine combination should pay special attention to the late personnel training.

First of all, we should choose good training personnel, basically divided into two kinds of personnel, one is pure operators, their learning content is mainly the use of machine tools, maintenance, processing skills and other practical hands-on skills. The other is the technical cadre, their theoretical knowledge should be solid, theoretical knowledge should be solid, it is better to have 2-3 years of practical operation ability, have a certain software application foundation, so that after the completion of training can be used as the backbone of the enterprise.

To understand these three aspects of the problem is a perfect numerical control machining solution, you can solve the problems encountered in production and processing.

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