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CNC Machining Parts

When machining parts on CNC machine tools, it is necessary to determine the machining route, technological parameters and tool data in advance according to the requirements of the machining drawings of parts, and then write the CNC machining program of custom precision parts according to the relevant provisions of the programming manual of CNC machine tools, and then input the CNC machining program into the CNC system through the input device. Under the support of the control software of CNC system, after processing and calculation, Send out the corresponding control instruction, through the servo system to make the machine tool according to the predetermined track movement, so as to carry out the parts cutting.

1. CNC Machining Parts Manufacturability Analysis

Numerical control machining technology analysis involves a wide range, in this article only from the possibility and convenience of numerical control machining to analyze.

The size data on the drawing of CNC machining parts should conform to the principle of convenient programming

The dimensioning method of CNC machining parts drawing should adapt to the characteristics of CNC machining

On the drawing of CNC machining parts, the size should be quoted with the same reference or the coordinate size should be given directly.

The conditions of geometric elements forming the contour of AI CNC machining parts should be sufficient

The structural technology of the machining part of CNC automation parts should conform to the characteristics of CNC machining.

2. CNC Machining Parts Processing Method Selection

The selection principle of the machining method is to ensure the machining precision and surface roughness of the machined surface. Since there are many machining methods to obtain the same precision and surface roughness, the shape, size and heat treatment requirements of the parts should be taken into account in the actual selection. In addition, consideration should be given to productivity and economic requirements, as well as actual conditions such as the plant's production equipment.

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