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What is hardware etching?

Etching of hardware products is a processing technology to form the desired pattern or text on the surface of hardware products through chemical etching method. It is usually used to make circuit boards, molds, metal signs, metal decorations and other hardware products.

The process of etching usually involves coating the surface of hardware products with a photographic adhesive or covering a photosensitive film, then transferring the desired pattern or text to the coating or film, and chemically dissolving the part of the coating or film that is not irradiated by light through steps such as UV exposure and development, thus forming the desired pattern or text on the surface of hardware products.

Etching can be used to process complex patterns or characters, and with high processing accuracy and good surface quality, high precision hardware products can be produced. However, the etching process requires special equipment and technology, which is costly, and the chemical solution will cause pollution to the environment, requiring special attention to environmental protection.

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