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custom made cnc parts is aluminum non standard parts

Aluminum Non-standard Parts

Non-standard precision parts hardware processing is the raw materials (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron ......) We use lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, polishing machine, etc. to make various high-precision parts according to customer's drawings or samples.

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CNC Milling Aluminum Parts Commonly Used Tools

High-speed steel, metric, or imperial system, this knife is most commonly used, especially for processing copper male, the processing mold material is also commonly used, this knife is the most commonly used computer gong, but easy to wear, easy to lose, imported high-speed steel knife country contains Co, Mn and other alloys, more durable, high precision, such as LBK, YG, etc.

An alloy knife, also known as a CAB knife, the tool is made of alloy material. High-temperature resistance, and wear resistance, can process high-hardness materials

Abandoned knife grain, this kind of knife because the knife grain is replaceable, and the knife grain is made of alloy material, and the knife grain usually has a coating, durable, cheap, processing steel material is best to use this kind of knife. Knife grain has a square, diamond, and round. Square, diamond-shaped knife grain can only use two corners, while the round knife grain a circle can be used, of course, more durable.

I. Copper, aluminum.

This material is relatively soft, and is better processing material generally a variety of tools can be processed, copper is relatively soft, but tough, if the knife is not sharp will be hairy, in addition, if it is not convenient to spiral into the knife can be vertical under the knife (into the amount of H < 0.5) knife is generally not broken, when processing copper tool speed to be higher, so that the knife can go fast, thereby improving processing efficiency.

II. Steel material.

There are more types of steel, we are divided into three kinds to speak of, respectively

Soft, such as imported ace, imported such as LBK, STK, YG, etc. can be easily processed.

Hard, with imported such as YG, can be processed, preferably with an alloy knife or knife handle processing.

Very hard, such as 718, S136, oil steel, and alloy steel for hardware die, very hard, difficult to process with AIA knife, can be processed with YG type, best to process with alloy tool handle.

What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To When CNC Machining Aluminum Parts?

1. Manual type actual operation should be carried out continuously and carefully, divided in as much as possible in the same point of the same height and width ratio.

2. Near the grinding tool with an oil-eating stone or thwart knife mirror processing and then rub the rag strip neatly, and finally determine by hand.

3. The centering rod will be demagnetized before the centering of the grinding tool (can use a porcelain centering rod or other).

4. Calibration table to check whether the four sides of the grinding tool are vertical (large deviation of flatness need to reflect on the planning scheme with the milling workers).

5. Carry out the precise and accurate measurement of the high aspect ratio of the steel parts also to ensure the safe production of high aspect ratio among the steel parts.

6. The CNC blade in the program flow sheet and the specific program flow CNC blade should be consistent (as far as possible with a fully automatic out program flow sheet or with photos out program flow sheet).

7. Specific in the steel production and processing of deep to carry out the accurate measurement, in the program flow sheet to write a clear CNC blade length and edge length (general CNC blade clamping length higher than the steel 2-3MM, edge length to avoid empty for 0.5-1.0MM).

8. In the steel-specific Z axis take the number, in the program flow sheet written clearly. (This actual operation is generally a manual type actual operation written to constantly check).

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