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Aluminum Precision Spare Parts

When it comes to aluminum precision parts production, aluminum die-casting surface treatment is indispensable which should be divided into pre-treatment and post-treatment, pre-treatment is to remove surface oxidation, and oil increases the adhesion of post-treatment and improves the appearance of the effect. For aluminum parts CNC machining, what aluminum die-casting surface pretreatment most commonly used are shot blasting, sandblasting, and phosphating 3, post-treatment is generally used spraying, oxidation, electroplating, and electrophoresis 4. Other surface treatment methods due to cost reasons are only applied to products with special requirements.

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What Are The Process Characteristics of Aluminum Parts CNC Machining?

1. Can reduce the impact of residual stress on processing deformation. After the completion of rough CNC machine aluminum parts machining, the use of heat treatment to remove the stress generated by the rough machining of the part, which can reduce the impact of stress on the quality of finishing.

2. Improve machining accuracy and surface quality. Roughing and finishing are separated, finishing is only processing a smaller margin, resulting in less precision aluminum parts machining stress and deformation, which can improve the quality of the parts to a greater extent.

3. Improve production efficiency. Because rough machining is only to remove excess material, leaving enough margin for finishing, so do not give much consideration to size and tolerance. CNC machining aluminium-alloy parts cutting processing, and processing table metal organization structure will change greatly, coupled with the impact of cutting movement, which will lead to a large residual stress, in order to reduce the deformation of the aluminum precision parts, the need to fully release the residual stress of the material.

About Aluminum CNC Precision Parts

After aluminum parts CNC machining, because aluminum is a metal that is easy to self-oxidize, as a professional CNC aluminum parts supplier, we apply surface treatment to aluminum parts for the protection of the parts or for other assembly requirements. Surface treatment of precision aluminum parts processing:

Sandblasting can be used by a blasting machine to pressurize shot diamonds, and hit the metal surface, according to the size of the diamond (unit with mesh) to form the metal surface of the matte grinding effect.

Aluminum CNC precision parts refer to metal parts that are machined from aluminum materials using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. These CNC machine aluminum parts are characterized by their high precision, tight tolerances, and intricate shapes. These parts are widely used in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and medical. Because of their strength and lightweight characteristics, aluminum is an ideal material for making OEM CNC milling parts.

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Company address: 616, Yingshuo Building, Songgang, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China _______ Factory address: No. 1, Nannan Lang Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan,China